History and Mission

The Scottish Society of Central California had its beginnings in 1982, when those of Scottish descent belonging to the Celtic Cultural Society of Central California decided to form their own organization. In January 1983, the Scottish Society of Central California became a non-profit corporation organized and qualified under the laws of the State of California. The Society’s mission is to create, stimulate, and sustain an interest in Scotland; to educate the public about Scottish heritage; to provide educational and entertaining events that share and promote Scottish culture; to promote goodwill and understanding among its members and the general public and to perform such charitable works as may be reasonably possible and appropriate.

A primary activity of the Scottish Society of Central California is the presentation of the Annual Fresno Scottish Highland Gathering & Games. The original Games were organized by the Celtic Cultural Society of Central California, (CCSCC), and SSCC took over their presentation in 1984. This Highland Games & Gathering of Scottish Clans has now grown to the point that it is considered one of the finest one-day Scottish events on the West Coast.

The Society has other outstanding events: our annual Robert Burns supper, held in January each year on the Saturday nearest to Burn’s birth date (the 25th); our Spring Ceilidh, generally, is held on the first Saturday in May; and our Saint Andrews Ceilidh, held on the first Saturday in December. Our General Membership meetings are held quarterly: at both Ceilidhs and on the first Tuesdays in February and August.  We also gather for social events and activities that benefit our community throughout the year as announced on our “Spot a Scot” webpage.

Our newsletter, The Thistle, is received by our membership several times each year, bringing a calendar of Scottish events, items of history and culture, a little humor, and articles of local interest.

If you are not currently a member, you are welcome to join by contacting us.

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