Scottish Society Adopts A Motto & Flag

The SSCC Board of Governors on May 28, 2002 adopted an official motto for the Scottish Society of Central California and developed the official SSCC flag.

The motto “AIR SON GRADH NA h-ALBANN” which means “ For The Love of Scotland”. A Rendition of the official flag is shown below and will incorporate the motto on it.

A quote from one of our members.

“The credit for the idea of the motto goes to member Alice Stevenson who thought the society should have one. She mentioned this to me and I agreed that it was a great idea. I could not get it out of my head that night, and I asked myself why I have worked so hard for the society for so many years, and also for my Clan society and other Scottish organizations. I decided that the reason I did it was “ For the Love of Scotland”. From there I wrote the phase in Gaelic and with the help of a Gaelic speaking friend to check my work and make a grammatical change, came up with the motto”.

“I also felt that we should have a flag of our own & designed one, which was adopted by the board. The flag will be displayed at all of our official functions, but will not complete in time for the general meeting in June”.

“The board members also thought we could use the motto on many things such as T-shirts, mugs, our letterhead stationary etc”.

“I sincerely hope that all of you feel the way I do about our ancestry and that you too do what you do for the society for ‘“The Love of Scotland”’.

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